Why do you want to Work From Home

Why do you want to Work From Home

Working from home sounds great, but there can certainly be some challenges

You will first want to determine WHY you want to work from home.  This WHY must be charged with deep emotion from within your core.  You will need this in order to do what it takes to make this new business a success.

When you are stuck in your office all day, never seeing the light of day, or crunching numbers figuring out how to keep your budget balanced, your WHY will be what keeps you going.  The truth is, most people quit just before success was sure to happen.

Working from home can be incredibly lonely.  I suggest fitting into your weekly plan of action, regular appointments outside of your home office; otherwise you may not see the outside for days at a time.  This is not the description of a balanced life and it will drain you down…hopefully not to the point of quitting just before success were to happen.

So, as some initial advise to you as you contemplate working from home, I suggest you become crystal clear why you want it, and it has to be HUGE.  If not,  you may fail before you ever get a chance to succeed.

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